Welcome to Pub Radio Australia

Where every hour is happy hour!

Do you own or manage an Australian pub? Looking for a simple way to manage the background music for your bar, bistro or beer garden?

Then look no further!

Pub Radio Australia is a subscription service that provides a musical soundtrack for hotels across Australia - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Presented by Untypical Media, Pub Radio Australia was established in October 2020 to meet the needs of pubs, clubs and other venues who want to provide background music for their patrons without any ads and without any announcers.

Just the very best music of the past 70 years, hit after hit after hit.

Pub Radio Australia is available via your computer or mobile device - here's how it works:

  • You purchase a monthly, six-monthly or annual subscription to Pub Radio Australia
  • You plug your device into your pub's sound system, and
  • We look after the music for you

We think that great music is a critical part of creating a great pub. Pub Radio Australia lets you concentrate on running your venue - let us look after the soundtrack!

Pub Radio Australia - where every hour is happy hour!

How Pub Radio Australia works

Pub Radio Australia is a 24/7 music streaming service that provides great music all day, every day, with occasional scheduled programs (e.g. Aussie Lunchtime) that feature music from a particular genre or era. 

Once you subscribe, you'll be given 7 days of free access to the service to make sure that we are offering the kind of music that you think will complement your venue's ambience. 

Our stream player is only accessible via a secure page on our web site - all you need to do each day is visit that web page on your phone, tablet or computer and click on the Play button. At the end of the day, you simply click on the Stop button before you close up. 

That's it - nothing more to it!

And because Pub Radio Australia is accessed via a web page, you can access it from any phone, tablet or computer** which means that any staff member can access it easily via their own device, rather than relying on clumsy apps being installed on a single device.

Pricing and Licensing

There are two aspects to pricing - one which we can help you with and one that requires you to purchase a venue licence.

Our monthly subscription costs as little as $37.50 per month (on an annual plan) which entitles you to play Pub Radio Australia 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on one device at a time. If you want to play Pub Radio Australia on multiple devices, you simply need to log out of the other devices each time.

Regardless of the music service you choose to use (e.g. Pub Radio Australia,  your own CDs, Apple Music, Spotify, etc), you are also required to purchase a licence for your venue. These licences are available from OneMusic Australia, a joint venture between Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd (PPCA) and Australasian Performing Rights Association and Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (APRA AMCOS). 

It is your responsibility to purchase the correct licence for your venue. When you purchase your monthly, 6-monthly or annual Pub Radio Australia subscription, you will acknowledge that this is your responsibility and that Pub Radio Australia / Untypical Media are in no way liable to provide this licensing for your venue.

But here is some exciting news - by using Pub Radio Australia, you can save on those OneMusic licensing costs. Click here for more details on how we can save you almost $400 off your One Music licence!

We fully support the requirement for each venue to purchase a OneMusic Australia (or equivalent) licence to utilise Pub Radio Australia or any other music streaming service. These licences ensure that artists, songwriters and others who helped to create the music are compensated for their work - and we think that is more than fair and reasonable.

To find out more about pricing and to subscribe to Pub Radio Australia, please click on the button below.

More About Pricing

** Each membership entitles you to one single concurrent user licence. This means that, if someone is already logged in using a particular username, no further access will be available until the first session has been ended. Attempting to use one licence on multiple sites is a breach of our usage policy and will result in the membership being locked for up to 48 hours.

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