Welcome to Pub Radio Australia.

We are in the midst of setting up our station, getting ready for a launch date of 1 October 2020. You will be able to subscribe to our service for as little as $37.50 per month, providing you with a continuous 24/7 music stream, playing the sorts of songs that people want to hear when they visit your pub.

Please fill in the form below to make sure that we keep you in the loop. You are not committing to our service by filling in this form. You are just making sure that you are amongst the first pubs in Australia to be invited to join us. And we promise not to spam you or share your details with anyone else.

Pub Radio Australia - great music on tap - 24/7.

  • If you were creating the Pub Radio Australia playlist what are 3-5 songs you would expect to have included?

Pub Radio Australia will not be ready to launch until 1 October 2020 so we can't really let you listen yet.

But we do have goRadio.Live - our existing online station - which plays very similar music, but contains the occasional ad and announcer. 

Click on the Play button below to sample what Pub Radio Australia will be like.