Terms & Conditions

Just a few to make sure we understand each other

At Untypical Media, we're not big on legal jargon and fine print and so this page just provides a few rules of engagement if you want to be part of Pub Radio Australia. When you register, you'll be asked to agree to these statements to protect our interests and to provide some clarity around what you can do with our service.

  1. Pub Radio Australia is an online service that provides a continuous stream of music, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It is a fully automated service meaning that songs will be scheduled to play randomly across the day. There will be some rules (e.g. the same artist won't appear twice within a designated period, etc) to ensure that the playlist is not repetitive. We are dependent upon our platform service provider maintaining their online service and so, during the very occasional period when their service is offline, regrettably, ours will be too.

  2. Every subscription provides a seven day free trial - your credit or debit card will not be charged until after that seven-day period is complete. Thereafter, your credit card will be charged automatically at the conclusion of the subscription period for the same duration as the previous period (i.e. monthly, six-monthly or annually) unless you cancel your subscription from the My Account page before the subscription period ends.

  3. When you subscribe to Pub Radio Australia, you are entitled to use the subscription on one device at a time. This is managed via the IP (network) address of your device. That means that, technically, you may be able to use the service in two locations within your venue under certain conditions but outside of that, the account will be locked if you attempt to use the same subscription on more than one device at a time.

    If your account becomes locked because you have used it on multiple devices simultaneously, it may take up to 48 hours for the lock to be released.

    We hope you understand the need for us to impose this restriction of one subscription = one venue.

  4. Once payment has been received for a Pub Radio Australia subscription, no refunds are possible. If you choose to cancel your account mid-subscription, you will be entitled to use Pub Radio Australia for the remainder of the paid subscription period and won't be charged at the end of that period.

  5. By signing up to Pub Radio Australia, you agree to let us name your pub and location on our web site and/or social media to encourage others to subscribe as well. We think that it will help promote our service and, hopefully, encourage some locals or visitors to drop by for a drink and/or a meal.

  6. The payment that you make to subscribe to Pub Radio Australia covers our service but DOES NOT cover your licensing obligations for your venue. Any venue that chooses to play recorded music has an obligation to the artists and producers of that content to purchase the correct licence for the venue. This is something you need to arrange via the appropriate authority. By subscribing to Pub Radio Australia, you acknowledge this obligation and agree that Pub Radio Australia, Untypical Media and all of its employees and agents will not be held liable for any penalties that might arise should you choose to ignore this advice.

That's pretty much it. If you feel that there is something you'd like to know more about before subscribing, please send us an email from our Contact page.